The Shaping of Tertiary Education in the Anglophone Caribbean

Forces, Forms and Functions

image of The Shaping of Tertiary Education in the Anglophone Caribbean

As tertiary education in the Caribbean enters a period of expansion and maturity, this book is a timely study into how the sector should evolve if it is to meet its target of increasing enrolment from under 10 per cent to 15 per cent by 2005. It explores the issues involved in providing an optimum learning and teaching environment, and presents options for policy, strategic design and leadership. Contains sections on: The Concept of Tertiary Education; The Shaping of Tertiary Education in the Caribbean; Access of Tertiary Education in the Anglophone Caribbean A Study of Barbados and St Lucia; Quality Assurance; Future Directions for Tertiary Education in the Caribbean. The Commonwealth’s educational work promotes the exchange of experiences and good practice in the field of education. Commonwealth Case Studies in Education is a series of key papers focusing on innovations and challenges in education. Each case study presents a concise analysis of a topical and pertinent educational issue. The series marks an important contribution to educational advancement of benefit to countries, agencies and organisations, within the Commonwealth and beyond.



The Shaping of Tertiary Education in the Caribbean

In Europe, the university was the hegemonic institution of the twelfth to sixteenth centuries. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, other powerful institutions emerged to address development needs They included the Royal Society in Britain, the grands écoles in France, research institutes in Germany and academies of science in Russia. In the U S A , the seventeenth century colonial colleges were quickly complemented by other types of colleges in an attempt to meet unserved higher education needs.


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