The Challenge of Scale

Educational Development in the Small States of the Commonwealth

image of The Challenge of Scale

An introductory volume in a series of publications which focus on the impact of scale on the development of national education systems in the small states of the Commonwealth. Experienced educators and administrators from the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, Africa, the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific examine curriculum, training, postsecondary education, technical education, distance education, regional cooperation and aid for education in the context of the problems and challenges set by smallness of scale.



Technical Education Needs

In this contribution, Suresh Munbodh identifies some of the more important factors that act on the need for, and the delivery of, technical education in small states. He views technical education in a broad sense, recognising the end product of technical and vocational training as a person able to enter the world of employment as a productive worker, yet with the flexibility to stop, start and change in accordance with labour market requirements. If an integrated approach to development is required, this must apply to technical education too.


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