Technical Education and Industry

Report of a Commonwealth Regional Seminar/Workshop, Hong Kong, 28 September – 7 October 1976

image of Technical Education and Industry




The Commonwealth Secretariat wishes to record its deep gratitude to Mr K.W.J. Topley, Chairman of the Seminar and Director of Education, Hong Kong, in which capacity he made available on a generous scale the services of his officers as key members of the seminar secretariat and management teams and the material resources of his department. We are also deeply grateful to Dr Keith Legg, in three capacities - as lead paper writer, seminar consultant and Director of the Hong Kong Polytechnic, and to his staff who supported his contributions to the seminar; to Dr L. Chandrakant, lead paper writer and seminar consultant, who spared time from a heavy programme at the Colombo Plan Staff College for Technician Education which he directs to place at the disposal of the seminar his unique knowledge of technician education in the region; and to the ILO and Mr R. Campbell for the preparation and presentation, respectively, of the third lead paper.


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