Teaching and Learning of English in Secondary Schools

A Zambian Case Study in Improving Quality

image of Teaching and Learning of English in Secondary Schools

By exploring the ways that teachers and pupils can help to improve classroom practices this book shows how education planners and practitioners can effect improvements in schools even in situations of very scarce resources.

Although the book focuses on Zambia, the experiences presented here will be of relevance to head teachers, school inspectors, teacher trainers and education ministry officials in all developing countries who are working to improve English language teaching and learning.



Ways of Improving Classroom Teaching and Learning

This chapter focuses on the fieldwork carried out by the author1 , and in particular relies on the views and possible ways forward offered by pupils and teachers as part of that study. In so doing, it aims to discuss some ways of improving the teaching and learning of secondary English in Zambia. Attempts are made to make clear some constraints that were identified in the research findings, leading to possible solutions, and to show how these fragile leads could be made into robust leads for solving problems of education in Zambia in general and in the teaching and learning of English more particularly.


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