Special Education in the Developing Countries of the Commonwealth

image of Special Education in the Developing Countries of the Commonwealth

This study brings together information about all the major types of physical and mental handicaps affecting children in the developing countries of the Commonwealth. It maintains that increased efficiency in existing provisions through greater cooperation of effort, more effective staffing, and the concentration of effort in a limited range of projects with sufficient resources will benefit both children with special needs and the education process as a whole.



Attitudes to Handicap and Public Enlightenment

The birth of any child has an effect on the family and the community, especially in traditional societies. The birth of a handicapped child, or the development of handicap in an older child also affects both family and community, although the nature of the effect and the reactions evinced vary much from place to place. Whether the child is rejected or considered afflicted of God, whether the mother is de facto head of the house (as frequently happens in the Caribbean) or a chattel of her husband, the presence of a handicapped child alters the life pattern of those about him.


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