Seventh Commonwealth Education Conference Report

Ghana 1977

image of Seventh Commonwealth Education Conference Report



Summing Up

To the task of reflecting upon the work of the Seventh Commonwealth Education Conference, I bring a ripe inexperience, for although I have been engaged in education all my life, this is the first Commonwealth Education Conference I have attended. For this reason I feel somewhat like the seventh husband of the much married Barbara Hutton who on their wedding night is alleged to have said: “Darling, I know what to do; but I am not sure that I can make it interesting”. However that may be, in preparing for the responsibilities you have been good enough to ask me to assume on this occasion, I have looked at the proceedings of the previous conferences and, having reflected upon the themes with which they were concerned, I am struck by the way in which each conference has built upon those that went before it and by the really remarkable record of solid achievement and practical co-operation in education to which those conferences have given rise.


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