Science for Technology for Development

An Expanded Programme of Scientific Co-operation in the Commonwealth

image of Science for Technology for Development
‘One cannot expect economic or social development unless a country has some technology and innovation; There cannot be a healthy programme of applied technological research unless there is some continuing basic research in progress as well.’ - Extracts from the Report.

This is the report of an expert group of scientists established by the Commonwealth Science Council to explore ways and means of promoting an expanded programme of scientific co-operation. Their remit was to examine and identify key issues for expanding cooperative scientific and technological programmes in the Commonwealth, especially in new emerging areas with major significance for the development efforts of member countries in the next 10-20 years.



Science Management and Organisation

Information technology fundamentally represents the integration of microelectronics and communications technologies for data acquisition, storage and dissemination. Systems already exist for the exchange of scientific and technological information, such as that for agriculture by CAB. The hardware for information technology systems is commercially available.


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