Providing Education for Out of School Youth in Bangladesh

image of Providing Education for Out of School Youth in Bangladesh

Over the past few years, the enrolment rate in primary schools in Bangladesh has increased to 90 per cent. But the dropout rate is still too high – more than half of those enrolled drop out before completing primary education. This marginalised group is being served through NonFormal Education (NFE). The study identifies four successful efforts which have attracted outofschool youth through their bold innovative approaches. These programmes have taken up the problems of outofschool youth in its full reality and there is potential for replication. The Commonwealth’s educational work promotes the exchange of experiences and good practice in the field of education. Commonwealth Case Studies in Education is a series of key papers focusing on innovations and challenges in education. Each case study presents a concise analysis of a topical and pertinent educational issue. The series marks an important contribution to educational advancement of benefit to countries, agencies and organisations, within the Commonwealth and beyond.



An Overview of the NFE Situation in Bangladesh

According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, the literacy rate of the age 7+ population in 1995 was 44.30 per cent. Of this, the male literacy rate was 50.40 per cent and the female literacy rate, 28.50 per cent. In a 123 million population with a 7+ aged population of 100 million, 55 million are illiterate, of whom 37 million are female.


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