Participation, Learning and Change

Commonwealth Approaches to Non-formal Education

image of Participation, Learning and Change

What is attempted here is a distillation of the collective wisdom of the New Delhi Conference on Non-Formal Education (January 1979) into a readable narrative. Some of the Conference papers are quoted in full: others are used as the basis for a discussion of the major current themes of non-formal education for development. Without the papers and the hard thinking that went into them, no book would have been possible. Without the Conference, their interpretation might well have been different. With the help of both, it is hoped that this book will provide both stimulation and guidance to non-formal educators in the important tasks which lie ahead.



Co-ordination, Resources, Finance and Commonwealth Co-operation

The purpose of society is man…to serve man there must be a social organization…conducive to the greater production of things useful for the material and spiritual welfare of man. It may well be a function of society to organize and sustain efficient economic organizations and productive techniques, even when…unpleasant or restrictive…But…when the demands of ‘efficiency’ and ‘production’ override men's need for a full and good life, then society is no longer serving man, it is using him.


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