Next Steps in Managing Teacher Migration

Papers of the Sixth Commonwealth Research Symposium on Teacher Mobility, Recruitment and Migration

image of Next Steps in Managing Teacher Migration
The Sixth Commonwealth Teachers’ Research Symposium brought together education researchers, practitioners and policy-makers to share experiences from developed and developing countries both within and outside the Commonwealth. This collection of papers from the event examines current trends in teacher migration, including education in emergencies, forced migration and pan-African migration, in line with the current global focus on education in conflict affected countries.

Co-published with UNESCO.



Teacher migration and education in conflict and post-conflict countries: Experience from Somalia

Teacher migration in conflict and post-crises countries such as Somalia has increased in the past four years. Qualified teachers are vulnerable to migration to other countries for reasons of safety and to seek out ‘greener pastures’, and the trend is for non-professional and immigrant teachers from neighbouring countries to fill labour gaps in countries in crises. Due to the prolonged conflict, Somalia is losing qualified workers in the field of teaching. While addressing issues of teacher migration in emergencies and difficult circumstances is important to balance education systems development, there is lack of policy on teacher migration. This paper provides a discussion on teacher migration and education in conflict and post-conflict countries, focusing on the migration of Somali teachers to other countries in search of greener pastures and the recruitment of immigrant teachers from other countries to fill the gaps. Three aspects of teacher migration are discussed: teachers’ motivations for leaving Somalia, teacher qualifications, and teacher compensation. The paper also discusses some challenges facing teacher management in crisis situations. The paper concludes by calling for further discussion to contribute to a greater understanding of planning and management of teacher migration in conflict and post conflict countries.


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