New Resources for Education

Community Management and Financing of Schools in Less Developed Countries

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The combination of economic depression and population growth has placed increasing strain on education systems in less developed countries. This has forced governments to search for new ways to finance education systems, and many have developed keen interest in mechanisms of community financing.

This resource book highlights strategies for community management and financing. It is written in a style which is easy to follow, and it contains many examples and illustrations. As well as commenting on successful practices, it discusses problems to be avoided.

The book is mainly intended for four groups of people: national government policymakers; districtlevel government officers; leaders in churches and other nongovernment organisations who wish to establish or expand schools with government support; and community leaders with similar objectives at the local level.



Government Controls

The experience of several countries suggests that governments would be unwise to allow communities to establish schools wherever and whenever they wish. The Kenyan experience of Harambee, for instance, indicates that unless self-help schemes are carefully regulated they can be a two-edged sword. Uncontrolled opening of schools can lead to institutions that are unstable and qualitatively poor, and can increase inequalities between social groups and between regions.


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