Ministries of Education in Small States

Case Studies of Organisation and Management

image of Ministries of Education in Small States

The conventional literature on public administration is dominated by the pattern and concerns of large countries. It does not address the needs of small countries, which have very different organisational and managerial frameworks. For example, what degree of specialisation is possible in a ministry which has only a small number of professional staff? And what are the implications for management of highly personalised societies in which everybody seems to know everybody else?

This book presents 14 studies written by people who are actually grappling with the issues about which they write, and will be of value to academics as well as to administrators and trainers. It is a companion to Making Small Practical: The Organisation and Management of Ministries of Education in Small States.




Kiribati comprises 33 islands, located in the Central Pacific Ocean and straddling the equator and the international date line. It is subdivided into three main groups: (a) the Gilberts Group, a chain of 17 atolls which includes Tarawa, the seat of Government; (b) the Phoenix Group, a cluster of eight atolls; and (c) the Line Group, a chain of eight atolls spread over 2,000 kilometres and located some 3,000 kilometres east of the Gilberts on the other side of the international date line. The Line Islands include Kiritimati (otherwise known as Christmas Island) which accounts for half the country's land area.


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