Mathematics in Commonwealth Schools

Report of a Specialist Conference held at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad, September 1968

image of Mathematics in Commonwealth Schools

This report aims to help those concerned to further mathematical education, at all levels, in Commonwealth countries.



Resources for Learning Mathematics

I am both pleased and mystified by the invitation of the Organising Committee to address this Conference on the topic “Resources for Learning Mathematics”. I am pleased, because the invitation has given me the stimulus to gather together and think about some of the many books and papers on this topic, and because of the unexpected opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with so many Commonwealth leaders in mathematical education; I am mystified, because I do not believe that I have ever made any significant contribution to the development, use, or assessment of any of the resources mentioned in the title of my topic, and I cannot imagine why I should have been asked to speak on this topic to a conference of experts.


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