Low-cost Science Teaching Equipment, 3

Report of a Commonwealth Regional Seminar–Workshop, Lae, Papua New Guinea, 19–30 March 1979

image of Low-cost Science Teaching Equipment, 3
Education materials developed during the past two decades have tended to stress student participation and learning by doing. Consequently they require an adequate supply of equipment for effective implementation. Yet, to date, very little progress seems to have been made in school science teaching. One of the major reasons is the non-availability, inadequacy or non-utilisation of equipment.

This is a report of a seminar – the third and final part of a series of such meetings on the teaching of science – concerned with the means of making the knowledge of science available to as many school pupils as possible through the local production of science teaching equipment, keeping the cost as low as possible.



Low-Cost Science Teaching Equipment; Training for Production

Each country reported on the present situation regarding the supply of equipment and chemicals to their schools. Initially, or at some later stage, funds and/or equipment had been obtained through aid programmes but subsequent replacement of items or provision for an expanding system of schools was the responsibility of the countries themselves. This often led to the replacement of the more expensive items (e.g. UNICEF spirit lamps) by cheaper locallymade items (e.g. glass bottles with rag wicks).


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