Low-cost Science Teaching Equipment, 2

Report of a Commonwealth Regional Seminar–Workshop, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 20–30 September 1977

image of Low-cost Science Teaching Equipment, 2
Until recently, science as a school subject has been unknown at the primary school level in most countries of the Third World. Even at the secondary school level where science has been taught for a number of years in Commonwealth African countries, the subject has still not made much impact at the classroom level partly because of the non-availability, inadequacy and ineffective utilisation of teaching aids and equipment.

This is a report of a seminar-workshop, which was the second in the series of such meetings on the theme of low-cost science equipment. Detailed discussions were held on the broad topics treated at the first seminar, paying special attention to the strategies for production and use of low-cost equipment in the African context.



Low-Cost Science Teaching Equipment: Strategies for Use

All too often there is an unfortunate presumption that once the problems of production are solved, the objective of teaching and learning science using enquiry-based practical approaches will be achieved automatically. Evidence refutes that assumption; witness a reliable study that revealed a 43% non-use of available science teaching kits in one Commonwealth country over a six-month period. Recognizing this fact, participants at the seminar considered ways of ensuring that once equipment was produced it would reach the classroom and be used appropriately, imaginatively and effectively.


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