Low-cost Private Education

Impacts on Achieving Universal Primary Education

image of Low-cost Private Education
In recent years developing countries have expanded their government education systems in an attempt to meet the Millennium Development Goals on education by 2015. One consequence has been a dramatic growth in low-cost private education institutions, which are increasingly being seen as a popular alternative to the public education system.

Using independent first-hand research, this study investigates the low-cost private education sector in India, Nigeria and Uganda. The contributors explain the mushrooming of these schools and consider the impact they have on access to education for the poor. They argue that with proper regulation, supervision and government support, private schools can help to achieve education for all by filling gaps in public education.

This study will serve as an invaluable resource to anyone interested in educational planning and policy-making in developing countries.




The non-state sector is playing an increasing role in the delivery of education in a number of developing countries that are still striving to attain Education for All (EFA) and the education Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). ‘Non-state’ is a term that presents its own problems of clear definition and focus. Broadly, it can be used to describe formal institutions independent of government administration, including philanthropically subsidised and faith-based schools, education delivered by not-for-profit non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community schools, and feepaying private institutions. In many instances the latter classification is used interchangeably with the term non-state, especially as the recent growth in developing countries is happening amongst private providers. But the distinction between the different sectors is important as the dynamics of each have an impact on factors relating to access and quality issues, among others.


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