Issues in Education and Technology

Policy Guidelines and Strategies

image of Issues in Education and Technology
This book explores a range of issues in education and technology, and provides policy guidelines and strategies for those who have to make critical decisions about the use of technology in education systems and institutions. It adopts a first principles approach, with the main focus on educational purpose, treating technology as a tool that can serve education in various ways. To understand fully the implications of any technology for education and national development, we need to explore its growth and impact within different socio-economic, political and cultural contexts. Issues in Education and Technology richly illustrates this aspect of education and technology, through commissioned case studies drawn from Africa, the Caribbean, South-Asia and the United Kingdom.

This book concentrates on three broad areas in which technology can have the greatest influence and impact on education, namely

• access and equity,

• management and efficiency,

• pedagogy and quality.

Issues in Education and Technology explores the current and potential role of technology in each of these areas, from historical and contemporary perspectives. This promotes a better understanding of the key issues, helping readers to relate them to their own experience and thus to improve their decision making.




Issues in Education and Technology is a response to the needs expressed by Commonwealth Ministers of Education at their thirteenth Triennial Conference (13CCEM) held in Botswana in July 1997. Ministers and delegation leaders were anxious that their education systems and their societies should not be left behind in the rapid advance of information and communication technology (ICT), which has profound implications for all societies in an era of globalisation. They were aware, however, that there are difficult choices to be made and complex issues to be clarified, as governments strive to take sensible decisions about investments in technology for education.


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