In-Service Teacher Education in Commonwealth Africa

Report of a Commonwealth Regional Workshop, Swaziland, 15–25 May 1979

image of In-Service Teacher Education in Commonwealth Africa

This is the report of a workshop organised by the Commonwealth Secretariat on the theme of “Implementing programmes of in-service teacher education.” The main objective was to help those involved in the provision of in-service training to consider alternative modes of training which would enable more teachers to be given in-service training at less cost than through conventional methods and to establish an effective infrastructure of support and supervision for this training.



How Can In-service Teacher Education Be Made Effective?

In-service teacher education is intended to change the behaviour of practising school teachers in desirable ways. The first logical requirement in attempting an answer to the question “How can it be made effective?” is therefore to reach a definition of the changes looked for among teachers. This is essentially the same question as “What makes a good teacher?” and to that question there is, of course, no simple answer.


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