Gender, HIV/AIDS and the Status of Teachers

Report of the Third Commonwealth Teachers' Research Symposium

image of Gender, HIV/AIDS and the Status of Teachers
In February 2008 the Commonwealth Secretariat collaborated with Education International, the worldwide umbrella organisation of teachers’ unions, to hold the third in a series of research symposiums.

Researchers from Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Zambia met in Maputo to address the most critical human resource for the achievement of education goals – the teacher.

Under the theme of ‘Gender, HIV/AIDS and the Status of Teachers’ the symposium looked at the mobility of teachers and assessed the impact and effect of HIV/AIDS on education and the teaching profession.

This publication reports the fruits of their discussions, and their recommendations on these three key issues.



Panel Discussion: Strategies for Using Research to Improve Education Policies and Programmes

The Chair of the panel discussion, Mr Dennis Sinyolo, introduced the panellists, Professor Michael Kelly, Ms Aida Joaquim Munhequete, teacher trainer from the National Teachers Organisation of Mozambique, Ms Helena Awurasa and Mr Richard Bourne. The Chair stressed the importance of the topic, stating that while the generation of research data was all very well, its purpose was to improve policy formulation and implementation. There were many instances in which the best research had been allowed to gather dust and agreed policies had not been implemented. Panellists were invited to give their views on ways in which research could be used to improve strategies for the development of education policy and programme implementation guided by those policies.


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