Exploring the Bias

Gender and Stereotyping in Secondary Schools

image of Exploring the Bias
Achieving the Millennium Development Goal to promote gender equality and to empower women is a continuing aim for all developing countries. Education is key to achieving this goal, and it is imperative that gender equality is implemented from the classroom onwards. The challenge for schools is to ensure that they create an ethos that promotes gender equality in all aspects of the classroom and other school activities.

Through seven case studies of secondary schools in India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Samoa, Seychelles, and Trinidad & Tobago, Exploring the Bias analyses whether schools perpetuate gender stereotypes and investigates how this can be prevented.

By comparing classroom practices in such diverse countries, this book provides insights and recommendations that will be useful for policy-makers and educators worldwide.



Making Gender Sense in Malaysian Secondary Schools

In 2007, when the Education Section, Social Transformation Programmes Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat commissioned its regional study, Malaysia was selected because of boys? low academic participation in education. This chapter sets out to discuss, document and evaluate whether the education system has contributed towards the advancement and development of gender rights and equality given the present context of a rapidly changing society in Malaysia. While it will interrogate some of the underlying reasons for boys? under participation at schools, the study will try to make gender sense and evaluate whether girls? improved performance and participation in education means that gender equality is being achieved.


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