Examination Systems in Small States

Comparative Perspectives on Policies, Models and Operations

image of Examination Systems in Small States

This publication is based on the content of a panCommonwealth workshop in Barbados in 1996. Participants looked at issues such as: personnel and infrastructure; international recognition and national priorities; innovative ways of testing; using technology to improve efficiency. Examination Systems in Small States deals with the provision of examinations in small states. It presents a conceptual framework and discusses models for the administration and provision of examinations at the end of the secondary cycle.




The Republic of the Maldives is spread out over a vast area of sea, but has a very small aggregate area of land. It is comprised of many islands, which number about 1,200. There is no other way but to state the number in these vague terms, since the islands appear and disappear at the whim of the elements, especially during the most active period of the monsoons.


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