Educators in Exile

The Role and Status of Refugee Teachers

image of Educators in Exile
Much of the literature surrounding education in emergencies focuses on the impact of armed conflict on children. Surprisingly little focuses explicitly on teachers, and yet it is commonly acknowledged that the biggest influences on the education a child receives are the knowledge, skills and attitudes of their teacher.

Through field research from Kenya, South Africa and Uganda, the study examines the role and status of teachers in emergencies. It identifies the issues refugee teachers face and makes recommendations on how policy can better address their particular needs and protect their rights, and thus improve access to and quality of education to populations affected by an emergency. The research findings also include data on South Sudan and the status of teachers returning there from exile.



Review of the Literature

A full set of documents from the Refugee Studies Centre at Oxford University, UK, and the library of the Refugee Law Project, Makerere University, Uganda (which covers law issues and serves as a centre for urban refugees) were consulted. This was augmented by a thorough review of documentation available on the internet to provide background information. The UNHCR website in particular provided the basic background information about the countries studied.


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