Education in the Developing Countries of the Commonwealth

Reports of Research in Education, Volume II

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Differences in the Performance of L1 And L2 Speakers in Using Stress Rhythm and Intonation Cues of English to Disambiguate Sentences

In these last ten years a great deal of work has been done on establishing the nature of the relationship between sense and sound; work that has centred upon the relationship between stress, rhythm, and intonation (S.R.I.) and underlying structures. Most of this work has been related to competence studies i.e. the intuitions of a native speaker about his language, rather than performance i.e. reaction to overt data. One of the problems faced by those working in this field has been that the researcher's internalized knowledge, is his reader's overt data and the reader's performance-based response often fails to confirm the original insight, without of course necessarily invalidating it.


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