Education in the Commonwealth

The First 40 Years: From Oxford to Halifax and Beyond

image of Education in the Commonwealth

This book explores the changes and developments which have affected education within the Commonwealth over the years. As the Secretary-General notes: “The Commonwealth has a strong record and tradition of co-operation in education, encompassing articulation of values, exchange of ideas and direct learning from each other, This book is a reminder of that record and tradition and offers a refreshing kaleidoscope of Commonwealth educational action.”



The Road from Oxford to Halifax: Snapshots of Science, Technology and Mathematics Education

The Oxford conference took place the same year the Sputnik was launched into space. This latter event caused a great deal of soul-searching about the role and importance of science education, in particular, and provided much of the impetus for curriculum change in science education in the 1960s. Shortly after this, in 1964, the then British Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, referred to the 'white heat of technological revolution', thus stressing the importance of technology as well as science.


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