Education in the Commonwealth

The First 40 Years: From Oxford to Halifax and Beyond

image of Education in the Commonwealth

This book explores the changes and developments which have affected education within the Commonwealth over the years. As the Secretary-General notes: “The Commonwealth has a strong record and tradition of co-operation in education, encompassing articulation of values, exchange of ideas and direct learning from each other, This book is a reminder of that record and tradition and offers a refreshing kaleidoscope of Commonwealth educational action.”



Building Bridges for Education in the Commonwealth: Issues in Student Mobility

The first task (and first action) of the first Commonwealth Education Conference in 1959 was to set up the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan. Exchanges of persons and of knowledge have remained at the heart of Commonwealth educational concerns ever since and have featured prominently in all the subsequent education conferences. Most of the previous chapters have alluded to aspects of such exchanges.


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