Education in Rural Areas

Report of the Commonwealth Conference on Education in Rural Areas held at the University of Ghana, Legon, Accra, Ghana, 23 March to 2 April 1970

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Out of School Education and Training for Young People

As has been accepted in many countries, a well-designed system of out-of-school education and training for young people is a very valuable complement to formal educational provision, particularly at a time of very rapid social and economic change. Such a system should provide, first, an opportunity for young people to make their contribution to national development and to the development of their immediate communities; secondly, a structure through which the young adolescent can find a means of furthering his or her personal and social development whether through ‘adventure training’ or through community service; thirdly, in countries where the employment situation for young people is especially difficult, basic technical and vocational skills to profit from whatever opportunities for wage-earning employment exist and, where necessary, the attitudes of initiative and self reliance to become productively self-employed. The special concern of the conference with education in rural areas, and particularly with developing countries, led to a preoccupation with the problems of young people out of school when faced with an employment situation in which wage-earning opportunities are limited and expanding slowly, if at all, and where it is becoming increasingly clear that the products of the formal school, particularly the primary school, cannot be, for the most part, absorbed into the modern sector of the national economies.


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