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Sociometry in the Classroom

The rapid developments in the study of small group behaviour, the findings that behaviour of a group is determined to a large extent by the patterns of communications that develop and by the nature of the structure or structures that form as a result of the interaction, the fact that most of the teaching in schools is done in classes (or groups), the fact that teachers are often heard speaking of “difficult” classes where everything seems to go wrong, and “good” classes where the general ‘tone’ is usually fine, and the realisation by teachers that the classroom climate has an important influence upon an individual's learning and behaviour, all point to one thing, namely, that classroom group behaviour is becoming an important study for teachers and counsellors. The day does not seem to be far off when understanding, predicting and improving classroom group behaviour will become a part of a teacher's needed professional knowledge. The teachers will be required to learn the skills necessary to develop the classes into cohesive groups that have good morale, and work co-operatively for students’ social, emotional and intellectual development.


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