Educating and Training Technicians

image of Educating and Training Technicians

This book, by a recognised authority on the subject, will be of value to all who are concerned with the education and training of all technicians. It is uncompromising in its view that the shortage of trained technicians in developing countries has retarded their pace of industrialisation, and that their future economic and social progress will depend on the quality and quantity of technicians they produce. For, in the words of LS Chandrakant: 'It is imperative for all developing countries to train and develop their own indigenous personnel as competent technicians. In the final analysis the pace and direction of the economic progress of developing countries will largely depend upon how far they solve their technician problem.'



The Supply and Preparation of Teachers

Technical education is an integral part of a country's general education system and it is therefore right that in most circumstances the initial training of technical teachers should not be isolated from that of other teachers. Segregation can reinforce belief in lines of division whereas, in fact, the training of specialist technician teachers has much in common with the training for teachers of the 15 to 19 age-group in secondary schools, particularly with those who will teach mathematics, science, technology and practical subjects. Some of the instruction in the basic initial training course could be shared.


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