Educating and Training Technicians

image of Educating and Training Technicians

This book, by a recognised authority on the subject, will be of value to all who are concerned with the education and training of all technicians. It is uncompromising in its view that the shortage of trained technicians in developing countries has retarded their pace of industrialisation, and that their future economic and social progress will depend on the quality and quantity of technicians they produce. For, in the words of LS Chandrakant: 'It is imperative for all developing countries to train and develop their own indigenous personnel as competent technicians. In the final analysis the pace and direction of the economic progress of developing countries will largely depend upon how far they solve their technician problem.'



Planning and Equipping Technical Institutions

A technical college is essentially an institution designed to teach students the applications of existing technological knowledge to the processes of industry. Its work involves not only teaching technician students the skills and principles underlying the production and manufacturing processes, but also those supervisory and management techniques and attitudes that are required in the industries served by the college. In the early stages of a country's industrialization a college may have to provide special courses for technologists and craftsmen as well as for the technicians required by local industry.


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