Correspondence Institutions in the Commonwealth 1980

image of Correspondence Institutions in the Commonwealth 1980

This revised survey has been carried out by the International Extension College at the request of the Commonwealth Secretariat. It contains basic information about the use of correspondence education by university, government and other non-profit making organisations within the Commonwealth. Thus it is factual rather than a critical document, and does not discuss the major questions of how best to use correspondence education, or whether it is an appropriate tool for use today. Its aim is more modest: to serve as a starting point for co-operation between Commonwealth institutions and to provide an up-to-date reference document.   Each entry gives comparable information about the institutions concerned, together with a brief factual account of its work. Entries have been compiled from the institutions themselves. The information should be of particular use to three sets of people: first, those working in recently established correspondence institutions who may wish to contact other relevant experience, or who may wish to investigate the possibility of purchasing course materials from other institutions; second, those working in education generally who require accurate information on correspondence facilities available in their countries to advise prospective students; third, those who are themselves seeking a course of study and who can thus obtain information on courses open to them in their own, or in some cases, in other countries. An address is included with each entry to that readers may contact institutions for further information.


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