Coping with HIV/AIDS in Education

Case Studies of Kenya and Tanzania

image of Coping with HIV/AIDS in Education

The case study districts selected in these two countries are among the areas with the highest HIV/AIDS infections. The analysis of AIDS programmes and their effectiveness has been undertaken at both district and national level. This book clearly demonstrates how HIV/AIDS is affecting pupils, teachers, parents, the curriculum and resources. It will be an invaluable source of reference for ministries of education and other decisionmakers in monitoring their own antiHIV/AIDS programmes.



The Kenya Case Study

At the national level, there is some evidence of increased mortality as shown by the recent census. In Kenya, the overall results of the last census, carried out after an interval of 10 years, showed a national decrease in the projected population. Kenya's population projected in 1993 for the year 2000 was approximately 32 million in the absence of a major catastrophe like HIV/AIDS.


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