Commonwealth Teacher Qualifications Comparability Table

image of Commonwealth Teacher Qualifications Comparability Table
These comparability tables offer country-by-country analysis of primary and secondary teacher qualifications offered in 35 Commonwealth countries, in an accessible and easy-to-read format.

They were prepared by the South African Qualifications Authority for the Commonwealth Secretariat to enhance recognition of teacher qualifications across borders and between the member countries of the Commonwealth.

Please note that Fair Trade for Teachers: Transferability of Teacher Qualifications in the Commonwealth (February 2010; 60pp; £25.00; ISBN 978-1-84929-014-2) includes a copy of the Commonwealth Teacher Qualifications Comparability Table as an insert in the back pocket of the main book.



Explanation of Format

In this section key contextual data is listed from available sources, such as the UNESCO report on teachers (2006), Commonwealth Education Partnerships (2007) and various others. The data are supplemented by more recent information provided by participating countries. Key facts include: population, education expenditure as percentage of the GDP, primary, secondary and tertiary enrolment as a percentage of the relevant age groups, the number of primary and secondary teachers, the estimated number of un- and underqualified teachers, as well as the estimated number of foreign teachers.


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