Citizenship Education in Small States


image of Citizenship Education in Small States

Identity and diversity in all its forms present major challenges to countries seeking to best equip citizens with the skills to participate effectively in their diverse societies. The project on Citizenship education in the Commonwealth is one of the followup activities being undertaken by the Commonwealth Secretariat in response to a mandate from Commonwealth Heads of Government and Ministers of Education. It is a component of the Secretariat’s education programme, examining how values are transmitted in society. These books focus on the outcomes of this project in the respective countries, providing valuable insights into the strengthening of values in a society. They set out the strategies and actions needed to support small states wishing to promote the values of good citizenship.




Guyana with an area of 83,000 square miles forms part of the northern Guiana shield which extends from Cayenne and Suriname through Guyana to the eastern portion of Venezuela. It is bounded on the north by the Atlantic ocean, north west by Venezuela, south by Brazil and on the East by Suriname. About 35 per cent of the country lies within the Amazon basin.


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