Chemistry and Developing Countries

Proceedings of a Conference, London, April 1991

image of Chemistry and Developing Countries



Books in the Third World: The Role of The Ranfurly Library Service

Through lack of funds and chronic foreign exchange constraints, much of Africa is becoming a tragically bookless society, and the situation has deteriorated still further since 1983 [date of the previous edition]. Foreign exchange is so scarce that many university and public libraries have been unable to purchase any new books for the past five years at least, much less maintain their current periodicals collections. Most bookshops present a picture of empty shelves; schools are without books; and teachers and scholars are divorced from the material to pursue their studies, to maintain their understanding of developments taking place in their disciplines elsewhere in the world, and to keep their teaching and research up to date...lasting damage is being inflicted across a whole generation of people going through either primary, secondary or university education in Africa today.


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