Assessment in Primary School Science

Workshop Modules for Professional Development

image of Assessment in Primary School Science

The product of a joint project undertaken by the Commonwealth Secretariat and UNESCO between 1992 and 1997, this book consists of nine modules designed to develop skills in assessment in primary science. Designed for use in courses for professional development, led by a workshop leader, they are suitable for teachers, teacher educators, inspectors, curriculum developers, examination board staff and officials of ministries of education. These materials are relevant to all places of primary education, including those with large classes and limited material resources.



Methods of ongoing assessment by teachers

The activities of this module aim to promote discussion and understanding of methods which can be used by teachers to conduct ongoing, formative assessment of pupils, that is, to carry out assessment and to use the results as part of teaching. The interpretation and use of the results is the focus of Module D. In the present module the main methods for assessing skills and ideas are discussed.


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