A Framework for Heritage, Multiculturalism and Citizenship Education

image of A Framework for Heritage, Multiculturalism and Citizenship Education
Following the 14th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers held in Halifax, Canada, in November 2000, the Commonwealth Secretariat organised a seminar with the theme ‘A Commonwealth Framework for Heritage, Multiculturalism and Citizenship Education’ in Johannesburg, South Africa, in April 2002.

This publication was compiled from the papers and proceedings of the seminar. It is a result of collaborative work undertaken by educationalists, curriculum developers and leading experts to develop a framework for an innovative approach to citizenship education, to strengthen a culture of fairness, equity, tolerance and respect.

This groundbreaking approach involves the key elements of heritage, multiculturalism and citizenship. The framework, easily adapted to individual countries, serves as a basis for organising curriculum and for teaching and learning resources.



Achieving Change through Statutory Education: A History of Education for Mutual Understanding in Northern Ireland

These lines were written over 100 years ago by the Ulster poet William Allingham; while they do not tell the whole story, they capture something fundamental about past and present divisions in Northern Ireland. They tell us something also about the need for, and to an extent the origins of, Education for Mutual Understanding (EMU) in our divided society Ireland has always had divisions; as a consequence it has always had wounds to be healed, and since the advent of public education in the nineteenth century, there have been those who have seen education as one way of attempting to heal them.


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