Youth Unemployment and the New International Economic Order

Report of the Second Meeting of Young Commonwealth Leaders: Colombo, 3–8 May 1979

image of Youth Unemployment and the New International Economic Order
This is the report of the second Meeting of Young Commonwealth Leaders, which was held in Colombo, 3-8 May 1979. Young Ministers, parliamentarians, Government officials, trade unionists, and community leaders discussed the extent of youth employment and the major impediment this caused on the road to national development. They recognised the overbearing constraints imposed on national development by the present international economic order.

As well as the opening remarks and speeches from the Meeting, this publication also includes the Ministers’ Final Statement on desirable Commonwealth measures against youth unemployment and their call for reform in present international economic conditions.



Mobilisation for International Economic Development

In terms of numbers and the sheer size of the problem of world poverty, let alone considerations of morality and humanity, world poverty must rank as the most important problem facing the international community. From the preoccupations of the developed countries - market-economy and centrally planned - this would not seem to be the case. Recession and other internal problems and international security are issues of major concern and since the perceptions and interests of the developed countries are dominant in the international transmission of knowledge and information, the recognition of the primacy of the poverty problem must await a higher development of internationalism.


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