Women and Structural Adjustment

Selected Case Studies Commissioned for a Commonwealth Group of Experts

image of Women and Structural Adjustment

These case studies provide much needed information from selected Commonwealth countries which have implemented various types of stabilisation and structural adjustment package with differing degrees of success. They give useful insights into the recent developments and experiences of relevance. These are brought together in the final study which carries out a comparative review, focusing on the main issues raised earlier and pointing to the gaps which remain to be filled by future research.



The Impact of Structural Adjustment on Women in Nigeria

It is perhaps necessary to state at the outset that this study, like others of its kind, has to be based on before-and-after type of evidence. This means that it is usually not possible to isolate the impact of the policy or programme under examination and the effects of other relevant factors. But, wherever possible, the nature and impact of other factors that affect women significantly, besides economic imbalances and structural adjustment, will be indicated in the analysis.


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