Small States in the Global Society

image of Vulnerability

This study is the result of a decision by Commonwealth Heads of Government at their 1983 Meeting in New Delhi. It was conceived in the framework of the Commonwealth’s long-standing concern with the economic problems of its very many small member states. The ‘vulnerability’ of small states is the essential concept informing the enquiry and it is considered in all its relevant aspects – military, political, economic, technical, social and cultural.  



Strengthening National Defence Capability

Although security is an absolute concept, governments necessarily have to accept that in practice it can be achieved only in relative or partial terms, determined by the conditions limiting each nation's capabilities. This means that they are compelled to rely, in varying degrees, on a strategy of deterrence whereby each nation seeks to demonstrate to others that the military and political price of any attempted attack either on its territory or its sovereign status is likely to be too high. Deterrence is normally discussed in the purely military context.


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