Small States in the Global Society

image of Vulnerability

This study is the result of a decision by Commonwealth Heads of Government at their 1983 Meeting in New Delhi. It was conceived in the framework of the Commonwealth’s long-standing concern with the economic problems of its very many small member states. The ‘vulnerability’ of small states is the essential concept informing the enquiry and it is considered in all its relevant aspects – military, political, economic, technical, social and cultural.  



Diplomacy and Foreign Policy Management

In many respects a skilful use of diplomacy within the framework of a prudent and well thought out foreign policy is a small state's first line of defence. Since these states have no military or economic power to wield they are forced to rely on diplomatic means in order to convey to other countries the nature of their national interests in the different areas of international relations that are vital not just to their security but to their very survival. And it is only through effective diplomacy that they can hope to persuade wealthy and powerful nations to enter into relationships with them which can work to their material advantage without necessarily entailing unacceptable constraints on their sovereignty and genuine independence.


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