Trade Effects of Rules on Procurement for Commonwealth ACP Members

image of Trade Effects of Rules on Procurement for Commonwealth ACP Members

This Economic Paper assesses the potential trade effects of rules on procurement policies in Commonwealth ACP countries. It provides a practical guide for policymakers and negotiators to determine the impact of government procurement rules and policies taken at the national level or negotiated in trade agreements.




This annex is based on a report commissioned by the Commonwealth Secretariat; its terms of reference are attached at the end of the main report. The possibility of conducting field work and empirical research was not foreseen by the terms of reference and therefore the study builds on available data, using and elaborating the outcomes of the literature on the economic and legal aspects of government procurement. Relevant data and studies were accessed via OECD andWorld Bank electronic resources and the Government of Tanzania’s official public procurement websites. Important data were also available in the Tanzania Procurement Journal (see also the Bibliography).


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