Trade Effects of Rules on Procurement for Commonwealth ACP Members

image of Trade Effects of Rules on Procurement for Commonwealth ACP Members

This Economic Paper assesses the potential trade effects of rules on procurement policies in Commonwealth ACP countries. It provides a practical guide for policymakers and negotiators to determine the impact of government procurement rules and policies taken at the national level or negotiated in trade agreements.




There is very little up-to-date information on the procurement system in Dominica. The two main reviews are the World Bank’s Country Procurement Assessment Report of 2003 and the OECS CPAR, also of 2003, which is effectively a reproduction of the World Bank CPAR. The latest review of the procurement system appears to be contained in the WTO’s Trade Policy Review of October 2007.108 This latter document indicates that very little has changed since 2003, although new and improved legislation is apparently imminent, as it was in 2003. This assessment is based on these reports. As a member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Dominica is participating in the development of a common policy framework on public procurement in advancing the CARICOM single market economy.


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