Towards a Quantitative Assessment of Aid for Trade

image of Towards a Quantitative Assessment of Aid for Trade

This Economic Paper presents, for the first time, quantitative evidence of the effectiveness of Aid for Trade, the initiative to promote development by providing resources targeted at boosting involvement in international trade by developing countries. It suggests which types of Aid for Trade measures are likely to be particularly effective.



Defining ‘Trading Across Borders'

Doing Business compiles procedural requirements for export ing and importing a standardised cargo of goods by ocean transport. Every official procedure for exporting and importing the goods is recorded – from the contractual agreement between the two parties to the delivery of goods – along with the time and cost necessary for completion. All documents required for clearance of the goods across the border are also recorded. For exporting goods, procedures range from packing the goods at the factory to their depart - ure from the port of exit. For importing goods, procedures range from the vessel’s arrival at the port of entry to the cargo’s delivery at the factory warehouse. Payment is made by letter of credit.


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