Towards a New Bretton Woods

Challenges for the World Financial and Trading System: Selected Backgound Papers Prepared for a Commonwealth Study Group, Volume I and II

image of Towards a New Bretton Woods




The papers included in this collection, published in two volumes, were prepared to assist the Study Group which the Commonwealth Secretary-General set up early this year in response to a request by Commonwealth Finance Ministers for an overall examination of the international trade and payments system. The Group, headed by Professor Gerry Helleiner of the University of Toronto, comprised nine eminent experts in finance and trade, drawn from a wide range of Commonwealth countries. The Group met four times during January-July 1983 and their report was submitted to Commonwealth Governments in August 1983 and published for general circulation in September 1983 under the title “Towards a New Bretton Woods: Challenges for the World Financial and Trading System”.


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