Tourism and Inclusive Growth in Small Island Developing States

image of Tourism and Inclusive Growth in Small Island Developing States
‘tourism cannot simply be treated as an economic force that can be left alone to deliver its rewards’ – UN World Tourism Organization

Tourism is a crucial source of employment, foreign exchange and revenue for most small island developing states (SIDS) and many other small states.

This report explores the key issues concerning how tourism might facilitate inclusive growth. It provides detailed analysis of both the direct and indirect channels through which the gains from tourism are achieved, and the existing gaps that prevent a fuller capturing of forward and backward multipliers.

Using robust statistical data from Jamaica, Maldives, Mauritius and Seychelles and other small states, the study also examines land-based and cruise tourism operations and explores how local supply chains could be enhanced. The two key overarching recommendations – improving data collection and promoting niche markets – serve both as rallying points for policy action and as points of focus for partnerships.

Valuable reading for policy-makers looking to maximise the contribution of tourism to the economy, as well as international development agencies and students of tourism studies.



Summary and Recommendations

The conceptual framework that underpins this report has been developed by the World Bank and applies the concept of inclusive growth to tourism in SIDS. In particular, the notion that has been used here is that the impact of tourism on SIDS can best be expressed by considering in turn direct, indirect and induced channels. This fi nal chapter draws upon the results of the desk-based research, the country case study of Seychelles, and technical and specialist advice from professors at the Universities of Birmingham and Bournemouth. The chapter ends with policy recommendations and suggestions for future work on tourism and inclusive growth strategies.


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