The WTO Agreement on Agriculture and Food Security

image of The WTO Agreement on Agriculture and Food Security

This report deals with an area of overlap between two large areas of study: on livelihoods and food security, and on international trade and policy. Whilst it concentrates on one small element of each of these broad areas (and so ignores many questions), it does so for a good reason. This is to avoid the danger that the upcoming WTO agricultural negotiations fail to contribute as strongly as they might to the promotion of food security precisely because the two areas of work and study overlap only at the margins.




This study aims to help identify how a future multilateral agreement on agricultural trade can provide a secure framework within which developing countries can pursue effective policies to ensure their food security. Burgeoning international agricultural trade has a growing impact on the food security of individuals, households and communities. Because of this international agricultural trade policy does have a role to play in food security, even though its importance should not be exaggerated relative to domestic arrangements or international trade policy for industrial products and services.


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