The World Economic Crisis

A Commonwealth Perspective: Selected Background Papers Prepared for a Commonwealth Group of Experts

image of The World Economic Crisis

The papers included in this volume were prepared to assist the Group of Experts which the Commonwealth Heads of Government, meeting in August 1979, had requested the SecretaryGeneral to assemble in order to “investigate and report on the factors inhibiting structural change and a sustained improvement in economic growth” and to identify specific measures by which developed and developing countries, Commonwealth and nonCommonwealth might act to reduce or eliminate such constraints as a matter of urgency”. The Group consisted of 10 experts who served in their personal capacities and were drawn from a representative range of developed and developing countries. During the first half of 1980 they met three times, and in July 1980 their Report was published by the Commonwealth Secretariat under the title ‘The World Economic Crisis: A Commonwealth Perspective’ (ISBN: 085092183X).



The Least Developed Countries: Economic Trends and Prospects

The creation of a category of ‘least developed countries’ (LLDCs) among the developing countries in November 1971 was the first formal recognition that terms such as ‘developing countries’ and ‘the Third World’ were general expressions for countries with widely different circumstances and needs. At present, thirty-one countries, with 257 million people or 12.5 per cent of the population of all the developing countries, are included in the United Nations list of LLDCs.


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