The Uruguay Round and NAFTA

The Challenge for Commonwealth Caribbean Countries

image of The Uruguay Round and NAFTA

This study provides a comprehensive analysis of the combined impact of the Uruguay Round and NAFTA on the Commonwealth Caribbean countries. It also makes recommendations on policy options available to them. It is hoped that the study will provide a good basis for member governments in this region in assessing the policy implications of the impending changes in the international training system in the context of their economies, and formulating appropriate responses.



The Structure of Trade of the Commonwealth Countries of the Caribbean

Table 1 gives the destination of exports from individual Commonwealth Caribbean countries. In that period 74 per cent of Commonwealth Caribbean exports went to the OECD countries, with almost half going to the US. When the Bahamas – not a member of the CARICOM customs union – with its considerable chemical exports to the US is excluded, the share going to the OECD was slightly smaller.


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