The Uruguay Round and Developing Countries

An Assessment

image of The Uruguay Round and Developing Countries

This study provides an overall assessment of the implications of the Uruguay Round for a broad crosssection of developing Commonwealth countries. It also makes recommendations on policy options open to them. It is hoped that the study will provide a good basis for member governments in assessing the policy implications of the impending changes in the international trading system in the context of their economies, and in formulating appropriate responses.



A Review of The Uruguay Round Agreements

Table 1 sets out the UR negotiating groups and their agenda items. In all there were fifteen groups, though in the latter stages of the Round this was slimmed down to eight negotiating areas in an attempt to make trade-offs more transparent. The details of the negotiations, the evolution of bids and offers and the convergence to an agreement need not concern us here – reviews at various stages can be found in Greenaway (1993), Hoekman (1993), Rayner, Ingersent and Hine (1993).


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