The Enlargement of the E.E.C. and the Asian Commonwealth Countries

image of The Enlargement of the E.E.C. and the Asian Commonwealth Countries
Among the most significant developments on the international economic scene in recent years have been those associated with the enlargement of the EEC, some of the problems of which have long been anticipated and some of the consequences of which are even today difficult to foresee.

This study examines problems that may arise for Commonwealth Asian countries from the accession of new countries to the EEC in the field of trade, with a view to seeking appropriate solutions.



Some Implications for Development Assistance

Although this study is concerned primarily with trade, the enlargement of the EEC will also have some implications for development assistance. In the first place, starting in 1975, Britain and other new members of the EEC will be required to contribute to the European Development Fund (EDF). The share of total development assistance channelled by the members of the European Community through the EDF has been relatively modest, though it has arisen from 0.6 per cent in 1965 to 5.8 per cent in 1970.


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